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Whether or not you're currently following a weight loss program, there are many weight loss tips you can employ in your daily life to help you lose weight and become even more healthy. Simply following these weight loss tips will improve your overall health and success in your chosen diet plan.

Weight loss tips #1: Drink more water

The most important of all weight loss tips is that you should drink more water. By "more," 64 oz. per day plus another 8 oz. for every five pounds you wish to lose should be consumed every day.

Water helps the body to purge toxins. This is especially important for low carb dieters who need to rid their bodies of the leftovers of proteins they have consumed.

Your body needs more water than it tells you. Give it a generous supply for optimum weight loss and optimum health.

Weight loss tips #2: Cut down on caffeine

This is among weight loss tips culled from the latest research. Scientists have found that caffeine seems to have an impact on the body's insulin levels - just like a sugary snack. The effect of caffeine can lead to an insulin crash and associated cravings for food.

Ideally, drinking caffeine-free herbal tea would fulfill the coffee addict's need for a morning pick-me-up. If you can't cut out caffeine completely, try switching to green tea. Green tea contains natural compounds that elevate the metabolism and can enhance weight loss.

Weight loss tips #3: Go for a walk

Most people are unwilling to embark on an exercise program because they think it means going to the gym, buying a new outfit or two, etc. But this simply isn't true.

This weight loss tip does involve a little thought and effort on your part, but it pays dividends. Instead of searching for a parking place close to the front door, park in the back of the lot. Walk to the front door. Instead of taking the elevator, walk up a couple of flights of steps -- all of them, if you can. Instead of walking your dog for just one block, try two or three.

Start slowly but be aware of opportunities for small exercise. On weekends, maybe you can walk to the post office to drop off your bills. Or perhaps you could go for a five-minute stroll every day during your lunch break.

These opportunities for weight loss can add up. This weight loss tip will never affect your weight as much as a serious aerobic workout, but at least this plan can be incorporated easily into your current lifestyle.

Weight loss tips #4: Eat a salad, dressing on the side

Salads are among the ideal weight loss foods, but unfortunately most salad dressings are absolutely loaded with fats, sodium and calories. When you eat a salad keep the dressing on the side. Before taking a bite, dip your fork into the dressing. That way each bite of salad is flavored by dressing but not drenched in it. This single weight loss tip can cave you a dozen pounds a year if you eat salad frequently.

Weight loss tips #5: Avoid fast food

Fast food is uniformly unhealthy. Fast food is engineered to be cheaply mass-produced, just like any other manufactured product. No matter what it is, fast food is not intended to be healthy.

If you can avoid fast food, you will be doing your body a huge favor.


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