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Exercise and natural

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There are two ways to achieve natural weight loss: limit the intake of calories you consume, and exercise. Exercise is extremely unpopular in America, as we are to a great degree a people who don't walk or bike but instead drive everywhere. Thus even the modest amount of exercise that could be accomplished by walking is lost.

But when exercise is employed as a method of natural weight loss, the entire body reaps the benefits. Read on to learn more about the role of exercise as a natural weight loss method.

Natural weight loss through expending calories

Most people try to lose weight by eating fewer calories. But the opposite approach, that of expending more calories, is equally valid.

The human body consumes calories at all times, even when asleep, to maintain the body's functions such as circulation, respiration, growth and repair, etc. The body also consumes calories when moving. And the more movement, the more calories are consumed.

Every time you walk up a flight of stairs, or walk from your car to the front door, you're expending calories. Just a few simple steps can increase this caloric expenditure. For instance, park farther away from the front door at work or at the mall. Try taking the stairs in your building or in the parking deck. If there are too many floors for you, walk up or down just a couple of flights and walk the rest of the way. Even this little bit of exercise helps your body.

Fifteen minutes for natural weight loss

The optimum level of exercise for natural weight loss is fifteen minutes of intense aerobic exercise. When you work out as hard as you can for fifteen minutes, the body's metabolism continues at this elevated rate for up to an hour afterward. So if you're already exercising, try the 15 minute method for maximum natural weight loss.

Natural weight loss through elevated metabolism

Exercise elevates the body's overall metabolism. This means that the body consumes more calories no matter what you're doing. When you exercise regularly, your body becomes more hungry for energy and consumes an increased number of calories when you're sitting and even when sleeping.

Exercise, even small amounts of moderate exercise, are the key to natural weight loss. Examine your habits to see how you can fit any amount of physical activity into your day.

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