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Hoodia gordonii

Hoodia gordonii may very well be the most effective weight loss supplement currently available. It's not a fat burner or a stomach-filling fiber capsule, but a natural appetite suppressant that really works to help people lose weight simply by eating less. Hoodia gordonii has been used for millennia by African natives for appetite suppressant and has even been clinically studied in the west.

Hoodia gordonii is the most exciting weight loss pill in a long time.

What is hoodia gordonii?

Hoodia gordonii is the scientific, Latin name of a small cactus. Hoodia gordonii grows only in southern Africa. There are about fifteen other species in the genus Hoodia - none of which have been tested and proven to function as an appetite suppressant, the way hoodia gordonii does.

For millennia, the natives of the Kalahari Desert, the San bushpeople, ate hoodia gordonii from time to time. Why? During periods of famine, or while on a long trip or hunt when transporting food was impractical, the San used hoodia gordonii to suppress the appetite. The plant was so effective at this task that the San usually felt no urge to eat or drink for up to 24 hours.

In the late 1990s, a 60 Minutes correspondent travelled to southern Africa and sampled hoodia gordonii. The result? No appetite at all, and therefore no eating, for about 18 hours. In clinical studies, supplementation with hoodia gordonii helped people lose weight even when no other environmental variable was changed. How? People simply didn't want to eat as much, consumed fewer calories, and lost weight.

How hoodia gordonii works

Hoodia gordonii's active ingredient is a complex organic molecule known as P57. This amazing molecule seems to work by interfering with the body's appetite mechanism. Scientists speculate that p57 mimics the structure of the neurochemical that tells the body that it's had enough food, therefore turning off the appetite.

Though there was much work done on attempting to synthesize the active ingredient in hoodia gordonii, synthesis was found to be far too difficult and costly to be practical. Therefore, hoodia gordonii is the only known source of p57.

Hoodia gordonii supplements

There are a number of hoodia gordonii supplements available today, but they are not created equal. We are currently testing a number of hoodia gordonii pills so that we can make recommendations to our readers. Until then, follow these guidelines:

Choose hoodia gordonii plant over hoodia extract.

Choose aerial stems over the whole plant.

Avoid hoodia gordonii combined with caffeine.

Make sure to choose hoodia gordonii that is approved for export by the South African fair trade council.


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