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General Facial Skin Care Regimen

Everyone who is serious about facial skin care should have a daily regimen. A facial skin care regimen encompasses every necessary step to take care of the facial skin, from initial cleansing all the way through to moisturizing and sunscreen.

An inappropriate facial skin care regimen can actually harm the skin. It's important to use top-quality products whenever possible to insure that the skin receives the best possible care.

Here is an outline for a daily skin care regimen. Follow all these steps and adapt to use your own products of preference for best results. This daily regimen will help keep your skin looking younger, keep it healthy and will even postpone the visible signs of aging.

Facial skin care step 1: Cleansing

Cleansing is a critical step in facial skin care. Don't ever skip this most important step! Improper cleansing not only leaves dirt behind, but can strip the skin of natural oils which keep it soft.

Use a gentle cleanser and wash with your fingers, in a circular motion. Keep your showers to 15 minutes or less, and use warm rather than hot water. Make sure your soap or cleanser doesn't leave a film on your skin after rinsing.

Facial skin care step 2: Exfoliation

This is a very important step in facial skin care, as dead cells prevent moisture from being absorbed by the skin. Some dermatologists even believe that exfoliation can help to eliminate abnormal skin cells before they can become cancerous - so remember to incorporate exfoliation into your facial skin care!

Use a granular scrub or a cleanser that contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) for best exfoliation. Don't use a washcloth or a rough surface to scrub - be gentle on your facial skin. Use a natural sponge or a soft synthetic pouff.

Facial skin care step 3: Toning

Toning the facial skin helps to tighten the pores as well as to balance the pH of the skin. Toning can remove excess cleanser, makeup and anything else that shouldn't be there.

Some choose a facial mask to complete this step, but this isn't usually an option for daily facial skin care. Use a mask on a weekly basis and find a toner that contains soothing ingredients for your daily toning session.

Facial skin care step 4: Moisturizing

After all the other steps in your daily facial skin care regimen, pat the face dry with a towel. Don't rub - you want it to be slightly damp. Now apply your moisturizer. Now is a good time to moisturize your hands, feet and any other dry areas of the skin.

Facial skin care step 5: Sunblock

Even if you spend only a few minutes every day in the sun, a sunblock or sunscreen will help to prevent damage to the skin from UV radiation. Adding a sunblock to your facial skin care regimen will help prevent discoloration from sunlight and premature aging. There is absolutely no reason to ignore this step, as sunblock usually also contains moisturizing elements and ingredients.

Following this daily facial skin care regimen will help to keep facial skin healthier and younger-looking, and will also minimize the amount of time spent on worrying about which products to use


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