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Acne Causing Foods

There isn't much scientific evidence supporting the link between food and acne. Nonetheless, just about everyone knows that they have some food sensitivities - and they can begin a list of acne causing foods.

Food allergies are suspected to be the culprit here, and people simply don't share food allergies. So each individual will have a different list of acne causing foods.

Here is a list of the most common acne causing foods:


shellfish (a leading acne causing food because of its iodine content)

milk products

wheat and products that contain gluten



Eliminate acne causing foods from your diet

If you have a problem with acne and the usual over-the-counter products aren't helping, it's probably time to eliminate acne causing foods completely. Start keeping a food journal that details what you eat at every meal and in between. Soon, probably within two weeks, you will begin to see a connection between the foods you eat and your acne outbreaks. This is the best way to discover your own list of acne causing foods.

Some researchers recommend a low-fat diet for acne control. You may wish to experiment with a low-fat diet to see if it has any impact on your acne.

Interestingly enough, researchers have connected fluoride in toothpaste to acne outbreaks around the mouth. If you have difficulty with acne outbreaks around your lips and mouth, talk to your dentist about alternatives to fluoride for cavity prevention.


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