Neuslim: Relora® Weight Loss
Stress-related appetite control for weight loss

Neuslim weight loss  
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Neuslim: Product Information
Neuslim makes use of Relora®, the patented ingredient clinically proven to aid in stress-related appetite control.

Here's the way the Neuslim formula works: when chronic stress is experienced by the body, the adrenal glands release stress hormones. These hormones can cause weight gain in several ways. First, stress hormones signal the brain to crave high-fat, high-carb "comfort foods." Additionally stress hormones signal the body's fat cells to retain as much fat as possible. Several other effects can lead to a slowing down of the body's metabolism and even, potentially, interfering with the brain's function, which can lead to depression.

This cascade of effects means that, when stressed, you consume more calories even as your body's ability to burn calories is impeded by the effects of stress. It's a vicious cycle.

The main ingredient in Neuslim helps the body to manage stress levels -- which helps you avoid stress-induced cravings. Neuslim may help you to lose weight. Even better, Neuslim can help you to not gain weight!

Key Ingredients
  • Relora®
Relora® is a potent blend of two plant extracts discovered and patented by NPI, LLC. Relora® has been shown to not only to aid in stress management, but to do so without sedation. Many stress-relieving botanical compounds leave you feeling drowsy and without energy. Relora® helps reduce stress but doesn't make you sleepy.

Relora®'s mechanism of action is interesting. Compounds in the plant extracts bind to chemical receptors in the central nervous system, thus displacing the potentially harmful stress hormones. But these compounds don't affect the benzodiazepine receptors that would leave you feeling sedated.

The net result is a feeling of alert relaxation.
Clinical Trials
Fifty subjects were treated with Relora® for two weeks. Post-trial analysis revealed that Relora was 82% effective. In addition, Relora® reduced stress-related cravings for such "comfort food" as cake, cookies, pie and ice cream by 76%.

A double-blind clinical trial was completed in January 2004. The subjects using Relor did not gain any weight as opposed to significant weight gains by the placebo group. Thus it was concluded that Relora® is useful in preventing stress-related weight gain.

Relora® is a registered trademark of NPI, LLC.

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