Immune Defense
Antibody-rich supplement for maximum defense

Immune Defense  
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Immune Defense Product Information
Immune Defense is an Immunoglobulin supplement derived from bovine serum. It contains high levels of a mixture of Immunoglobulin classes shown to support healthy immune functions, providing powerful protection from disease.
  • ImmunoLin™
A new patented form of protein-isolate, ImmunoLin is an all-natural and lactose-free source of antibodies used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects like bacteria and viruses.

  • Immunoglobulin G
The most abundant class of antibodies found in blood serum and lymph nodes, Immunogloblin G is active against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and foreign particles, and triggers the action of the body's complete systems.

  • Other Ingredients
Each capsule also provides the following naturally occuring ingredients: Immunoglobulin M, the class of antibodies found in circulating body fluids and the first antibodies to appear in response to an initial exposure to an antigen; Immunoglobulin A, the class of antibodies produced predominantly against ingested antigens; Transferrins, beta globulins that bind iron in the blood for energy; Proline-rich polypeptides, chains of amino acids unique to colostrum that are extremely effective against viruses; and IgF, an insulin-like growth factor important in cellular repair.
Immune System Support
The next generation of dietary supplements will focus more on disease prevention than treatment, using the very best of life science and technology to enhance life by guarding against disease. The first in this new era of supplements utilizes disease-fighting antibodies isolated from bovine sources to provide you with the best available protection against disease-causing antigens. Immune Defense guards you from the common cold virus to increasingly common superbugs and everything in between.  

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