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The more than 100 kinds of arthritis and arthritis-related conditions afflict millions with joint pain, stiffness and immobility. Many more suffer from normal joint pain that comes with age. If you have arthritis or age-related joint pain, one of the most important things you can do to is protect your joints. Joint Support combines the most comprehensive ingredients available to nourish and protect your joints naturally so you can say goodbye to stiff, achy joints and say hello life's possibilities.
Key Ingredients
  • Glucosamine HC1
Glucosamine plays an important role in joint health, as it serves as the building blocks of cartilage. Glucosamine HCL enhances the body's ability to manufacture collagen and proteoglycans, which are essential for rebuilding joints, as well as synovial fluid, which lubricates your joints.

  • Boswellin®
Known as the anti-inflammatory phytonutrient, Boswellin® is key in reducing inflammation and pain caused by inflammation. Boswellic acids inhibit inflammation by directly interacting with 5-lipoxygenase, a key enzyme in the production of inflammation.

  • Bromelain
Widely used and researched, Bromelian is a component present in all parts of the pineapple but concentrated in the stem. Medicinally, Bromelian is used as a natural anti-inflammatory and is used in the treatment of arthritis as well as trauma and sports injuries. Bromelian works to inhibit proinflammatory metabolites that accelerate and worsen the inflammatory process.

  • Sea Cucumber
Sea Cucumber has been used for centuries in China to cure a variety of ailments and for overall longevity. Currently sea cucumber is used the world over for many forms of arthritis and connective tissue disorders. Sea cucumber contains prostaglandins that regulate the inflammatory process, and is a rich source of chondroitin sulfate, the main building block of chondroitin.
Joint and Arthritis Pain Releif
Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to maintain flexibility and decrease pain. The Arthritis Foundation recommends you do three types of exercise daily: stretching, resistance, and aerobic. While it may sound hard to get all three of these into your daily routine, making a few simple changes is easier than it sounds. Try this: Stretch in the morning for ten to fifteen minutes; walk for at least a half hour before dinner; and practice yoga or another gentle resistance exercise an hour or two before bedtime. This will keep you moving all day and give your joints and muscles less chance to stiffen. The morning stretch is absolutely the most important part of the routine, but you can change everything else until you find an exercise regimen that fits into your lifestyle.

Proper diet is another thing you can do to decrease instances of pain and increase your flexibility. Make sure you eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and omega 3 fatty acids, and supplement your diet with a multivitamin. Research has shown that being overweight can greatly affect arthritis pain, so if you're overweight, it's important that you get your weight down and keep it there.

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